Author, radio host and comedian Rich Cyr brings you his first book “Confessions of a Frenetic Mind: 5 Tales of Blood Curdling Terror” via Zoom, with the Morris Public Library Online, Wednesday, February 17, at 7:00 pm. The Tales are sure to terrify, and will have you sleeping with the lights on for weeks – wonderfully twisted and devilishly creepy, they will have you screaming for more………IF YOU SURVIVE!!!!!!!!

  • Robbie’s Revenge: What happens when a printer begins controlling your emotions and destroying your life?!
  • Can’t Catch A Brake: A young man with a chip on his shoulder finds out what happens when he messes with the wrong person. Will his sarcasm save him, or will he go down in flames?!
  • Takin’ Care of Business: A couple bring home a miniature coffin with a fake corpse inside. What can possibly go wrong?!
  • Lincoln House Massacre: Two young men go on a ghost tour to prove that ghosts don’t exist. What they bring back might just prove to be fatal. 
  • The Dark Secret: Everyone has a secret. Some are darker than others. For one small town, a family’s secret could get them killed.

Rich Cyr, a cerebral palsy survivor, encountered many more obstacles during his life. In his early 50s, he became a financial advisor, actor, podcaster, author, voice actor, stand-up comedian, and motivational speaker. Rich is also a host of the Nutmeg Chatter: The Claw’s Corner Editions, on WAPJ 89.9, Torrington Community Radio, and he has his own YouTube channel. He is now living the life that he always dreamed of.

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