Join Morris author Kate Martin as she discusses her newest fantasy novel “The Soulless” via Zoom, with the Morris Public Library, Friday, February 18, 6:30 PM.

“The Soulless” invites you into its realm:

There’s a vacancy in Haven. The One High God has gone missing, sending those in power to cover up the sudden silence. Doubters fall from grace. Insurgents and the despondent rip out their own hearts, turning to Hell for solace in a new, uncertain world. A human drinks from the discarded heart of a seraph and taints mortal blood with witchcraft. After three thousand years, the world stands at a precipice. Falling is inevitable.

Brishen, plagued by visions of a dark and painful future, sells his soul at a young age to a demon to escape death. Ushered into the care of Alec, the demon’s most trusted and oldest soulless, Brishen finds some semblance of protection from the seraph who hunt him for what he sees. Alec is exhausted after two thousand years of servitude, but finds redemption in Brishen—as well as a reminder of those he failed to save.


Kate Martin lives in Connecticut with her husband, two daughters, and one disagreeable cat. She grew up writing and watching anime, while dancing and reading every fantasy book she could find. She has authored numerous short stories and novels, all of which deal with the fantastical and elements of the unknown.

Ms. Martin holds a master’s degree in Writing Popular Fiction and has previously taught in Western Connecticut State University and Southern New Hampshire University. Readers can find her over on Instagram @katemartinauthor and on TikTok @katemartinwrites

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